2014 Short Film Festival/ Contest


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We look forward to another amazing collection of films to review and screen in the 2014 Riverside Saginaw Shorts Festival.



2014 Short Film Festival SELECTIONS

9 short films submitted from around the world compete for monetary prizes awarded by our festival's short films committee and the audience. They were culled from more than 50 entries, and among the finalists are shorts from China, Germany and Spain.

The Special Presentation program is on Saturday Nov. 8th at 2:00 PM at the Hoyt Library venue.

Special Presentations - 2014 Riverside Saginaw Film Festival Short Film Contest


  • Luminaris
    6:15 minutes

    In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.
    Directed by Juan Pablo Zaramello

  • Descenso Al Infierno
    Spain; (14:57 minutes)

    Verdugo's band enslaves, tortures, and kills all that move. When "Old Man" arrives to find his brother murdered, he decides to cross the mountains on a mission of vengeance.
    Directed by Sergi Guibas Arnau


  • Electric Indigo
    Belgium; (24 minutes)

    Indigo recalls her life growing up in a family with two heterosexual fathers, both united in a non-carnal marriage. When her birth mother decides to take Indigo back, things get complicated.
    Directed by Jean-Julien Collette


  • In Touch
    U.S.; (4 minutes)

    A story of romance in the digital age, and what it means to truly connect.
    Directed by Seri DeYoung


  • Three Little Bears
    U.S.; (24:30 minutes)

    An 11-year-old boy's already threadbare life comes unraveled when he gets caught up in stealing money from his grandmother.
    Directed by Tim Kenyon

  • Games People Play
    U.S.; (7:51 minutes)

    A married couple vows never to speak another cross word, but playing some is not off the table.
    Directed by Dawn Westlake


  • Sure Thing
    U.S.; (24 minutes)

    There are winners and losers in this life and John has always fallen on one side of that line. He's up to his neck in gambling debts and has one day to pay back the money he owes or else.
    Directed by Michael McCallum


  • Tin & Tina
    Spain; (12 minutes)

    Tin and Tina are not eating the purée tonight.
    Directed by Rubin Stein


  • Old Timer
    U.S.; (7 minutes)

    An elderly man relives his boyhood through a backyard game of wiffle ball with his family.
    Directed by Andrew Reed