2016 Events/Happenings


The Highwaymen"The Highwaymen: Florida's Outsider Artists" (USA, documentary, 2003, runs 58 min.) In the early 1950s through the 1980s, a group of 26 African-American artists painted colorful and tranquil landscapes of the backwoods Florida landscape.  Today these artists are known as the "Florida Highwaymen" and it is estimated they collectively painted 200,000 pieces and sold  them out of the trunks of their cars.

7pm reception with southern comfort food and sweet tea, 7:30pm showing of film on Monday, June 13, at the Saginaw Art Museum, 1126 N. Michigan. Short follows showing some of their paintings. Free.

Macbeth"Macbeth" (Britain/France/USA, 2015, rated R, runs 113 min.) Visually acclaimed adaptation of Shakespeare's play about a murderous Scottish lord named Macbeth (Michael Fassbender), fixated upon seizing the throne as king, and his power-hungry wife (Marion Cotillard).  On Rotten Tomatoes, the  critical consensus reads, "Faithful to the source material without sacrificing its own cinematic flair."

5:30pm Monday, June 27, at Hoyt Library, 505 Janes. Discussion follows the film. Free.

Peggy Guggenheim"Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict" (USA, documentary, 2015, runs 96 min.)  A 20th century art icon and heiress, Peggy Guggenheim became a central figure in the modern art movement and built one of the world's most important collections of it. She collected not only art, but also artists. Her colorful personal history included trysts, affairs and marriages with Samuel Beckett, Max Ernst, Jackson Pollock, Marcel Duchamp and countless others.

7pm reception with "high society" food and beverage, 7:30pm showing of film on Tuesday, Sept. 13, at the Saginaw Art Museum, 1126 N. Michigan. Comments and viewing of art museum's permanent collection. Free.